Give Me 30 Days and I Will Help Your Kid Become a Blazing Fast Skater!

Created by Coach Dan Garner who has worked with athletes in:

Attention Hockey Parent,

Imagine helping your hockey-loving kid become one of the fastest players on the ice game in and game out. How great would it feel to see your kid smiling, beaming with confidence and telling you all about how much fun they have playing hockey? 

With our latest Breakaway Speed System, this fantasy becomes your reality. By committing to the training systemyou'll witness your kid's skating speed rocket to unprecedented levels by the end of the 30 days.

Prepare yourself for the “what has your kid been doing?” questions that will inevitably come once other parents from your kid's team witness their new abilities.

I can speak from experience...

Here's the story:

"Maybe Hockey Just Isn't My Thing."

That was just one of several self-defeating thoughts that started to creep into my mind when I was younger.

Growing up, I was a decent hockey player, but I was never quite good enough to make it to the next level where I wanted to be.

After getting cut from my local AAA team for the fifth year in a row, I really started to question my love for the game. I lost all self-confidence and thought about giving up to save myself from even more disappointment.

Even though this was a difficult time for me, in hindsight, I'm glad it happened because it was the wake-up call I desperately needed.

I realized that I had to make some changes in my life if there was any hope of becoming the hockey player I dreamt of one day being. So, I licked my wounds, took a step back, and asked myself, "What could I be doing better?".

I didn't have much of a training regime as a young player.

Sure, I worked hard and did everything I thought I was supposed to do. I'd stay on the ice after practice to get some extra reps in; I'd do sit-ups before bed... I'd even wake up early for power skating lessons on weekends and spend my free time shooting hundreds of pucks in my driveway.

The effort was there, but there wasn't any rhyme or reason behind anything that I did, so I never seemed to make any real progress.

I knew that if I tightened things up with my training, I would see improvement, but there was one problem. I had no idea where to start. I desperately wanted to become a better hockey player but had no plan to help get me there.

I felt STUCK.

Now... I know thousands of hockey players out there also feel stuck, just like I once did. And if you're reading this right now, I'm willing to bet that your kid is having the same difficulties as I once did.

If so, I want you to continue reading with me.

Even if your kid is already pretty darn good and just wants to continue getting better, stick around.

Because in a minute, I will show you exactly how one decision can drastically improve your kid's game.

As I mentioned earlier, It was apparent that my "training" wasn't doing anything to help me on the ice. So, I altered my training to be more hockey-specific. I started doing things like plyometric jump exercises, lateral movements that replicate skating, and even weird groin and ankle exercises.

It wasn't anything I was used to, and it felt strange at first. But I noticed a difference in my game almost immediately.

I went from being an average skater to being known as the "speedy kid"...

I racked up my stat-card with goals and assists...

And my name was the one circled on every opposing team's scouting report.

Once I finally started training like a hockey player the game slowed down for me. It was like I was playing on "easy" mode.

As a result, I had never felt more confident in myself as a player. And that confidence is what allowed me to start playing the game fearlessly. So instead of worrying about making a mistake, I wasn't worrying at all.

I was just having fun and playing a lot better because of it.

I Went From The Lowest Point Of My Hockey Career To Becoming A Top Player Who Rediscovered His Love For The Game

Amazed at the results I saw on the ice from training like a hockey player, I decided to create to help other players who wanted to improve their game.

Fast forward over 10 years later, and we are now a well-recognized and respected name in the hockey world with success stories from hundreds of players of all ages/skill levels.

Now, we are ready to unveil our most ambitious project to date.

This Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen In The Hockey Industry

And it's the most surefire way to help any hockey player (of any skill level or age) become a blazing fast skater.

Many hockey players think you have to be born with speed, and if you're not a fast player, you never will be a fast player.

But here's the truth:

Skating speed is 100% a trainable quality.

I don't care whether your hockey player has a ton or minimal training experience -- are new to hockey or an experienced pro. It makes no difference what kind of speed they have today...

Using new sports performance research and his experience gained with each passing year, Coach Dan has put together the best and most complete speed training system in the world that can help any hockey player gain speed in just 30 days.


The Breakaway Speed Kit™

We've combined the six most powerful hockey-specific speed training tools into one hockey training kit...

Here's what you'll get shipped to your door:

  • (6) Explosive Speed Rings

  • (1) Balance Foam Pad

  • (5) Athletic Movement Bands

  • (1) Edge Work Enhancer Ladder

  • (2) Skater Sliders

  • (1) Hockey Reaction Ball

Each tool was carefully chosen to allow any hockey player who has access to the Breakaway Speed Kit to upgrade their explosiveness and skating speed from home in just a few short weeks.

Let's look at how each tool can help your hockey player unlock notable speed improvements on the ice...

Explosive Speed Rings

What Are The Explosive Speed Rings?

Included are six rings that can be used on their own or together in various ways utilizing the easy-to-use clips. They are great for hockey speed, explosiveness, and edge work drills.

Why Are They Beneficial For Hockey Speed And Overall Performance?

These explosive speed rings are a 3-for-1 bonus for hockey players because of their versatility.

You can lay them flat to perform dozens of different edge work and plyometric drills (excellent for that first step quickness we discussed above).

Or stand them up and connect them to create mini-hurdles used for the most explosive  plyometric training that all hockey players should be doing.

The hurdles are an excellent way to tackle the complete speed development department through various power highways: 

  • Vertical power-based exercises are excellent for explosive starting speed and acceleration. 

  • Horizontal power-based exercises are excellent for deceleration and top speed training. 

  • Finally, lateral power-based exercises maximize your stride length and stride frequency. 

These three “power highways” are best trained using the objective measures that the hurdles provide you.

Lastly, we use them as markers/cones for many hockey speed drills - eliminating the need to carry around another piece of equipment (cones) for your training.

There are many boxes being checked with only one item, and it too can be very effectively programmed into your hockey training no matter what pillar you are working on. 

Balance Foam Pad

What Is The Balance Foam Pad?

This is a rectangular balance pad that provides recruitment of all the stabilizing muscles in your ankles and core that don’t get appropriately activated through traditional training methods. 

Why Is It Beneficial For Hockey Speed And Overall Performance?

Most hockey players and parents associate speed development with the fast-paced, explosive type of dryland training. However, that type of high-velocity work will never reach its potential to positively impact your game if you don’t have the balance and ankle stability to support it. 

Balance and stability training for edge work mechanics can vary from mildly difficult (e.g., bodyweight squats on foam pad) to extremely difficult (e.g., T-Stand on foam pad), so it can be effectively incorporated into a warm-up, workout, or cool-down. 

When you stand on the pad, you immediately feel the effects of forced instability and how your functional tissues need to activate and adapt to create new levels of dynamic balance. 

Since this will contribute to a vast range of performance metrics and be very low-impact during times of injury or recovery, this is a no-brainer for any hockey player to have in their arsenal.  

Athletic Movement Bands

What Are The Athletic Movement Bands?

Included are five bands of various tension levels that offer an extremely convenient and effective way to target unique angles of ankle strength while being a dominant tool for strengthening other critical skating muscles such as the glutes and groin. 

Why Are They Beneficial For Hockey Speed And Overall Performance?

Increasing in resistance the further you go, bands are great to challenge ankle inversion and eversion for elite edgework, which is very difficult to do without a proper band (and by difficult, I mean next to impossible). 

I also use them as my go-to for groin and glute training because they create a stronger stride while simultaneously providing a significant injury reduction benefit. For example, research has demonstrated that professional hockey players are 17x more likely to sustain a groin injury when their adductor strength was less than 80% of their abductor strength.

Bands allow you to target the groin directly, thus, dramatically reducing your risk for injury out on the ice. Additionally, since they are excellent at isolating the gluteus maximus and medius, you can directly target two of the largest muscle groups involved in generating an explosive skating stride. 

Lastly, since the tension can be selected at a low amount of resistance, it gives you something to do on your recovery days to help you become a better hockey player without detracting from the recovery you need to perform in games, practices, and more intense dryland training sessions.

Edge Work Enhancer Ladder

What Is The Edge Work Enhancer Ladder?

This is a speed/agility ladder that you lay flat on the ground for quick feet, speed, and edge work training. It folds into a compact size and comes with its own storage bag.

Why Is It Beneficial For Hockey Speed And Overall Performance?

Elite hockey athletes must create a stable balance around the ankles because the greater amount of force the ankles can safely absorb and produce results in their ability to transfer into better edge work and overall better skating.

In addition to lower body force production, strengthening the stabilizing muscles around the ankle helps prevent the chronic issues associated with high-velocity motion, such as shin splints and tendonitis.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, increased ankle stability leads to enhanced proprioception.

Proprioception is the body’s ability to realize its place in space (think of having better “body awareness” out on the ice).

If you’re skating and unable to stabilize the ankle joint structure, the body will send alert signals to the brain, warning that the tissue structure is in danger.

You can think about it like how your body warns you before you drop down too low into the splits — it lets you know: 

“Hey! You’re going to get injured if you go further than this.”

Proprioception limits optimal ranges of motion because this safety-measure the body has in place will prevent you from creating deep angles on your inside/outside edges and, thus, reduce your skating potential.

Elite skaters like Sidney Crosby don’t have these warning signals in place because their ankle stability can absorb and redirect very high levels of force. Because of this, you regularly see him hit excellent edges on a moment’s notice and slip in, and out of mohawk turns like they are nothing.

Ankle stability leads to superior proprioception, leading to exceptional balance and awareness during high-speed movement.

No tools train ankle stiffness and coordination better than the speed ladder, so I am a huge fan of including them within the program design for hockey players who have access to them. 

They have a wide variety of applications that can be used in any one of the three pillars above -- it is a very versatile tool and one I think should be in every serious hockey player's toolkit. 

Skater Sliders

What Are The Skater Sliders?

The two skater sliders are small sliding discs that you can place under your feet to glide easily across any smooth surface to more effectively mimic a skating stride and train your core in a way that drives maximum hockey performance.

Why Are They Beneficial For Hockey Speed And Overall Performance?

There are many reasons I like sliders, but on the top of the list is the apparent translation they have toward allowing you to mimic a skating stride at home. 

Whether through stationary slider skating strides or sliding lateral lunges, you can target the lateral musculature responsible for skating speed in hockey players in a more effective way than if you were to try and do these movements without a slider. This is especially true for plantar flexion reps, which improve stride length propulsion and are impossible to do without them.

Equally important but less well-known is how large of an impact the core has on speed development. The function of the core in speed development represents itself in agility through a faster change of direction speed due to improved force absorption and redirection in the deceleration and acceleration phases. 

Additionally, the core “unlocks” speed development. When your core is weaker than your lower body your nervous system will shut down maximum fiber recruitment in the lower body as a protective mechanism to reduce injury risk in the upper body. Just like you wouldn’t want to shoot a cannon out of a canoe because the foundation isn’t strong enough to keep you safe, the nervous system shuts down speed output using the same ideology. 

A strong core equals better agility and higher speed outputs due to both improved force output and reduced inhibition, and the skater sliders are one of the best tools in the book to get the job done. 

They’re also easy to transport and hockey-specific, you can’t ask for much more than that.

Hockey Reaction Ball

What Is The Hockey Reaction Ball?

This six-sided ball will bounce unpredictably when thrown against a wall for reactive agility and speed training.

Why Is It Beneficial For Hockey Speed And Overall Performance?

The lopsided nature of the reaction ball design forces it to bounce in unpredictable patterns.

This is a great and simple way to optimize the “mental agility” pathways we discussed above regarding the optimization of your reaction time and your offensive and defensive awareness. 

Although the tool may seem simple on the surface, there are many drills that you can include in any speed, agility, or conditioning workout to add a mental component to your training. 

The mental component to training is something many hockey players forget, yet, if you talk to any NHL player, one of the first things they will tell you is how much of the game is mental rather than physical. 

Even Wayne Gretzky was famous for saying, "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been."

Your mind is a tool, just like anything else in your body. It can and SHOULD be trained regularly! 

The reaction ball is an effective way to train your mind and your body simultaneously to achieve that mind-body connection you need to become a better hockey player.

If you've ever seen a hockey player who looks good in practice but panics or struggles in a high-paced unpredictable game atmosphere, you've seen a player that could benefit from the Hockey Reaction Ball.

But Wait, There's More...

If there's one thing we know from our experience with training thousands of hockey players...

It's that a tool is only as good as it is applied.

You can have all of the best fancy tools and equipment, however, if you don't know how to use them properly in a proper hockey-specific training system, they aren't much good.

Thankfully we have world-renowned hockey performance specialist, Coach Dan Garner, in our corner, and he has taken all of the guesswork out of how to use the tools in the Breakaway Speed Kit with our revolutionary hockey speed training program:


30-Day Breakaway Speed System

The Done-For-You Blueprint For Upgrading Your Player's Explosive Speed In Just 30 Days Transforming Them Into A Completely Brand New Player That Leaves Coaches Shocked From Their Improvements!

The all-new 30-Day Breakaway Speed System was designed to take all of the guesswork out of it for your hockey player so they can train with the most cutting-edge methods to get serious results.

This intense 30-day progressive training approach includes weekly speed, conditioning, agility, and edge workouts to become an explosive and elite skater.

You will get access to the comprehensive 30-day schedule that shows you exactly what your hockey player should do each day, and they will be performing each of their workouts with your new hockey training tools included in the Breakaway Speed Kit™.

Players of any age will be able to train like NHL players in a safe, effective, and fun way with equipment designed for hockey performance and a detailed program created by a professional hockey performance specialist.

Here's a look at some of the features of this revolutionary hockey speed training program:

Cutting-Edge Linear Crossover Drills - Have you ever noticed how the fastest players in the world (i.e., McDavid, MacKinnon) use crossovers when skating up the ice with the puck? We use never-before-seen drills to help players produce more power and speed with their crossovers that will have them creating breakaway opportunities by blowing past opponents who can't keep up.

Transitional Speed Training - These unique training methods will help players catch opponents flat-footed and blast past them in the transition game, leading to scoring opportunities in the blink of an eye. Your player will become so dangerous in transition that their coach will want them to play in all special team situations.

Elusive Hip Opener Exercises - Watch players like Cale Makar or Kirill Kaprizov, and you will notice a new approach to skating that creates open ice by using evasive open hip edge work techniques. Our unusual exercises that you won't see in a regular non-hockey training program will help players feel more comfortable and powerful while opening their hips to put up highlight reel points that will have everyone in the rink on notice.

And so much more!

Remember, if your player's speed isn't where they want it to be, it's not their fault...

Real speed progress comes from real hockey-specific training, and this type of programming only comes from a hockey performance specialist.

That's why each workout has been formulated with Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced training options...

So that no matter where your player is currently at in their hockey training journey, they will be able to see dramatic results after only 30-Days of using the Breakaway Speed System. 

And there's this:

This new 30-Day Breakaway Speed System can be used as a standalone program or be added to the existing training program your player is currently following to get better results no matter what their current training schedule looks like.

Your days of guessing how to help your hockey player become a better player are over.

Get started with the 30-Day Breakaway Speed System today so your player can leave fans, coaches, and scouts jaws on the floor with how much progress they've made in a single month of training.

Meet Your New Hockey Trainer

The 30-DAY BREAKAWAY SPEED SYSTEM was created by world-renowned Hockey Performance Specialist Coach Dan Garner.

Coach Dan has worked with thousands of hockey players of every level from youth leagues all the way up to the AHL, the KHL, and the NHL.

He holds 12 of the top certifications in both training and nutrition, as well as a formal education in both functional medicine and health science. 

In 2020, he launched his Hockey Training Specialist course, teaching 170 students from all over the world the science of hockey-specific training.

He has helped an immense amount of athletes transform their hockey performance and unlock their true potential, and we are excited to do the same for you with our new 30-Day Breakaway Speed 2.0 System.

The Most Revolutionary Hockey Speed System Ever Created!

Honestly, we could charge quite a bit for this Breakaway Speed Kit with the accompanying 30-Day Breakaway Speed System...

With these six high-quality hockey-specific speed training tools you can use for years to come...

And a 30-day speed system designed by one of the world's most recognized hockey performance specialists...

With exact step-by-step instructions on what to do each day during the 30-day speed blitz to make your player a faster skater...

This should cost more than it does.

But, with our goal to help as many hockey players worldwide as we can, we are introducing this at a special price...

As an exclusive launch offer, we're listing the Breakaway Speed Kit for just $497 Canadian Dollars (converts to roughly $380 American Dollars on checkout for our American customers).

Yup, just $497 CAD (with free shipping to the USA and Canada!) for a box sent to your front door with everything your player needs to become a faster and more explosive skater in just 30 days!

This is as “done for you” as hockey success gets.

Get pumped if you're serious about helping your player improve their skating speed. Because...

You're getting a hockey speed system designed to get you results in the quickest time possible that your player can use on-demand without forking over thousands of dollars for a personal trainer.

Paired with six hockey speed training tools that your player can use to upgrade their skating speed for years to come, this kit is a no-brainer investment for all hockey parents and coaches.

Make The Investment To Help Your Player Become A Blazing Fast and Dominant Force Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Group Is This Program For?

The 30-Day Breakaway Speed 2.0 System was designed for players of all ages!

We've included 3 different levels with each workout so that players of any ages or skill levels can see massive improvements in their speed.

Beginner - Great start for players ages 8-12

Intermediate - Ideal starting point for players 13-15

Advanced - Players ages 16+ can start here

How Many Hours/Days Per Week Are Required?

It is flexible based on how much time the player has available to train. We've included a "Base Schedule" that requires 4 days per week, and a "Boosted Schedule" that allows you to add on training sessions to train up to 7 days per week throughout the 30-day schedule (with Sundays being a recovery day).

The workouts range from 20-60 minutes. 

We've included a video in the member's area that shows you exactly how to schedule your week out and we are available on our Live Chat feature to answer scheduling questions that come up for you!

Will We Need Any Additional Equipment For The Training?

Nope!  Everything you need for the speed training is included in the Breakaway Speed Kit™ which will be shipped out to you when you sign up today.

Is This All Shipped In The Mail?

Everything in the Breakaway Speed Kit™ will be shipped to your door!

This includes the Balance Foam Pad, Athletic Movement Bands, Skater Sliders, Edge Work Enhancer Ladder, Hockey Reaction Ball, Explosive Speed Rings, and the full 30-Day Breakaway Speed 2.0 System.

Can My Player Use This With Another Program They're Following?

Yes!  Coach Dan has designed this to be used with any hockey training program you might be using and even provides detailed instructions on how to substitute these equipment-based workouts into your program.

How Is This 2.0 Version Different From The Original 30-Day Breakaway Speed System?

In 2020 we launched our first version of the Speed Kit, and the feedback from players worldwide was terrific.

Like Corey Waring, who left this review:

"Been using the speed kit all summer with a group of 4 players aged 14, have seen amazing results with strength, speed, agility and cardio vascular endurance both on and off the ice. Would recommend anyone looking to increase speed and power on the ice use the product to see great results."

Or this 5-star review from Nathalie:

"I ordered the speed kit for my son as soon as it came out, we received it just a few days later! The kit is AMAZING!!! My son followed the kid’s training plan and he just loved it! He could not stop he was having so much fun! And added bonus he gained in speed. It was a really good purchase!"

While results have been excellent from every hockey player who ran our initial 30-day program, we knew we could get even better and faster results for players if they had access to a few more tools.

So with the 2.0 version, we've combined the six most powerful hockey-specific speed training tools into one hockey training kit. This has lead to an entirely new and improved design of our 30-Day Breakaway Speed 2.0 System, including 55+ never-before-seen hockey-specific exercises, a bigger focus on conditioning, and cutting-edge training (such as the Linear Crossover drills) that will produce results unlike anything you've ever seen!

The upgrade to this 2.0 system is recommended for any serious hockey player.

What If I'm Not Happy With The Kit or Results?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We are very confident you will love the Breakaway Speed Kit™ and see big improvements with your speed on the ice, but if for any reason you aren't satisfied you can contact us within 60 days for a full refund. **Buyer covers shipping the product back to us**

Simply contact us through our blue live chat bubble on our website or email and we will send you our address so you can ship it all back to us.  Once received, we will process your refund.

Alright, I'm Ready! How Do I Get Signed Up?

Awesome, I'm excited and can't wait to see the results you will see with this speed system!

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