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Level Up Your Men's League Game in 2024: Transform Your Skating Speed and Conditioning to Surpass Expectations and Dominate The Ice With Ease!

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Attention Men's League Hockey Player,

Imagine the look on your teammates' faces when you fly across the ice, leaving the other team in the dust and rip a shot top corner that bottle rockets the goalie's water!

With our latest Men's League Domination '24 Training Program, this fantasy becomes your reality. By committing to our training sessions, whether at home or in the gym, you'll witness your hockey skills soar to unprecedented heights!

You may not see any changes after one or two workouts. However, by diligently following our system, within weeks you'll experience a remarkable transformation—skating faster, boasting boundless energy, and dominating the ice like never before.

"But isn't men's league hockey just for fun?"

That was the reply I got when I told my buddy that our men's league training programs were a best-seller at

My response:

"Wouldn't you agree hockey is more enjoyable when you're the standout player, regardless of the level you're playing at?"

Men's league hockey is undoubtedly about staying active and having some fun. However, it's far more fulfilling when you're not gasping for breath between shifts, lighting up the scoreboard, and leading your team to victory.

I can speak from experience...

Here's the story:

"From Out of Shape to Leading Scorer"

When I first laced up the skates for Men's League hockey, I struggled out there.

My lifestyle and eating habits had caught up to me. I couldn't keep up with the faster players, found myself gasping for air on the bench, and my legs felt like lead after just a few shifts.

Frustration consumed me as I realized I needed to improve my "hockey shape," but I didn't know where to start.

I was already at the gym a few times per week, but my routine mostly consisted of standard bodybuilding exercises – the classic one-exercise-per-muscle-group regimen with 3 sets of 10 reps.

It became evident that my workouts weren't translating to success on the ice. If anything, they seemed to be hindering my speed and explosiveness.

Determined to become a better hockey player, I revamped my training to prioritize hockey-specific exercises. I incorporated unconventional movements, like plyometric jump exercises, lateral drills mimicking skating motions, and even weird groin and ankle exercises. 

It wasn't anything I was used to and it felt strange at first. But the immediate impact on my game was undeniable.

Suddenly, I found myself effortlessly accelerating past opponents, my legs felt lighter, and I was still full of energy well into the latter periods (even when we had a short bench).

Most gratifying of all was the surge in my scoring prowess. 

I transformed from a peripheral player to a consistent leader in goals and points, igniting a newfound sense of camaraderie as my team rallied to clinch championships – proving that even in the realm of Men's League hockey, victories are sweet!

Observing firsthand the remarkable impact of training tailored to hockey-specific demands on my on-ice performance, I founded with the aim of extending this transformative experience to fellow players seeking to elevate their game.

Now, eleven years down the line, we're launching our 7th edition of the Men's League training program.

And here's the kicker: 

For 2024, we've partnered with Tim Lebbossiere, Assistant Strength Coach for the Boston Bruins, to develop the entire program. 

Drawing from cutting-edge sports performance research and his extensive experience gained working with hockey players of all ages and skill levels, Coach Tim has put together the best and most complete training program in the world for older hockey players utilizing his newly released QuickTwitch™ hockey training system.


Ignite Your Game: Unleash Explosive Speed with our QuickTwitch System and Leave Defenders in the Dust!

Engineered with a multi-faceted approach firmly grounded in scientific principles, this innovative QuickTwitch™ hockey training system employs a unique technique that meticulously targets the recruitment and development of fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Fast twitch muscle fibers serve as the catalyst for lightning-fast movements and rapid bursts of power essential for hockey dominance. With our tailored QuickTwitch™ workouts, precisely designed to activate these fibers, you'll unlock untapped reservoirs of explosive energy and agility. 

Envision yourself blazing down the ice with unmatched speed or executing lightning-quick maneuvers that leave opponents in awe – that's the transformative potential of our fast twitch muscle training system found within our Men's League Domination '24 program.

Here's how it breaks down:

QuickTwitch™ A: Dive into your week with a focused burst of intensity to enhance the force-producing capabilities of your fast-twitch muscle fibers. This session prioritizes high load and low volume to ignite explosive power and elevate your athletic performance.

QuickTwitch™ B: Shift gears and prioritize speed on this dynamic training day. With a focus on rapid contraction, you'll amplify the velocity of your fast-twitch muscle fibers. Despite lower volume, expect high-intensity workouts tailored to unleash your full potential.

QuickTwitch™ C: Embrace the challenge of maximizing work capacity and stimulating muscle growth. Through moderate loads and elevated time under tension, you'll sculpt resilience, trigger hypertrophy, and promote growth hormone production. This session is designed to push boundaries and unlock peak performance.


As research suggests, older hockey players often struggle with endurance, hindering their ability to sustain explosiveness throughout the game. That's why our QuickTwitch™ workouts incorporate advanced conditioning methodologies like the Cardiac Power Method and High Velocity Interval Method. 

Sounds complicating? Fear not – you don't need a PhD to benefit from this program. We've simplified the workouts into an easy-to-follow format, ensuring even beginners can excel.

Becoming a faster, more dynamic hockey player has never been simpler.

Within the Men's League Domination '24 training program, we provide everything you need to enhance your strength, power, explosiveness, agility, and conditioning. All you have to do is follow the workout sheets and bring your best effort to the table.

Plus, enjoy lifetime access to the Men's League Domination '24 Training Program, ensuring your journey to peak performance is ongoing and limitless!

I don't care whether you are thirty years old or fifty -- new to hockey or an experienced player. It makes no difference what kind of shape you are in today... how much or little training experience you have...

If you are a men's league player who wants to improve your skills and athleticism so you can start scoring goals and helping your team win games, then Men's League Domination '24 is the solution for you.

Meet Your New Hockey Trainer

QuickTwitch™ and this Men's League Domination '24 Training Program were created by Boston Bruins' Assistant Performance Coach, Tim Lebbossiere.

Tim is in his third season as the Boston Bruins' Assistant Performance Coach following three seasons as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the minor league affiliate, the Providence Bruins. 

He graduated in 2016 with a BS in Applied Exercise Science from Springfield College and in 2019 with an MS in Human Performance from Lindenwood University. 

Before his time with the Bruins organization, Tim also spent time with University of Massachusetts Lowell, Quinnipiac University, College of the Holy Cross, and USA Hockey working with their hockey programs.

Over his career, Tim has helped an immense amount of men's league players transform their hockey performance, and we are excited to do the same for you with our new Men's League Domination '24 System.

Here's What You'll Gain Instant Access To Today...

A Full Year of Hockey-Specific Training Utilizing QuickTwitch - Ensuring a boost in your on-ice energy, speed, strength, and confidence, all backed by our guarantee.
Professionally Designed - Crafted by one of hockey's most premiere performance coaches who works with the Boston Bruins.
Weekly Planner - Showing you exactly how to customize the training around your men's league games so that there's no guesswork involved on your part.
Video Demonstrations - To ensure you can confidently execute each exercise safely and effectively.
Easy Access - View every workout in our online Member's Area on your phone, computer, or tablet.
Printable - Easily reference any workout with our printable workout sheets.
Guaranteed To Upgrade Your Hockey Performance and Make This Your Best Year of Men's League Ever!

These Are The Results You Can Expect

Explode Past Opponents


Increased leg power so you can skate by defenders at will and create more scoring chances. 

No More Heavy Legs


An endless gas tank to have more energy late in the game when everyone else is wearing down.

Rip Harder Shots


Improved functional strength so you are stronger on your skates and can blow pucks past goalies.

Stay Injury Free


Unlocked mobility, flexibility and agility so you can move with ease and improve your skating technique.

Buzz Around On The Ice


Upgrades in balance, coordination and edge work so you can create more speed with less effort.

Become Untouchable


Elevated overall skills, transforming you into the dynamic scoring threat your team depends on.

The Most Groundbreaking Training System Ever Devised For Hockey Players!

It’s my passion to help players of all ages achieve their hockey dreams. And yes, that includes men's league players who just want to feel better and play better on the ice.

That’s why we're making this an affordable offer for the entire men's league hockey community. 

Usually, a fully comprehensive hockey-specific training program like this would cost thousands of dollars.

Hiring a personal trainer wouldn’t be any cheaper. 

An average-joe trainer could charge anywhere between $4,000-$8,000 for a full year of training (and a good one like Coach Tim, who specializes in hockey performance, would cost much more)...

But, when you join the Men's League Domination '24 training program, you won’t be paying near that amount...

It won't even be $1,000.

We're offering you this professionally designed, hockey performance enhancement system for the minuscule price of... Just $347!

That’s right... you'll receive a fully customizable hockey training program - designed by an NHL performance coach - for just three hundred and forty-seven dollars (put another way, a year of professional coaching for less than the cost of leagues fees for one season).

You won't find an offer like this anywhere else.

Look, I want to see you become a better hockey player. One that can blow past other players, score more goals, and help your team win more games. But ultimately, the decision lies with you. This investment could potentially redefine your hockey career, if not your life.

Now, you have two choices:

You can disregard everything you've learned today and miss out on the opportunity to elevate your game...

Or, you can seize the moment, ditch outdated training methods, and take the first step towards becoming the dominant hockey player you've always aspired to be.

To sweeten the deal and make this decision a no-brainer, I'm including three complimentary hockey performance gifts with your purchase of the Men's League Domination '24 program:

Unlock 3 Bonuses When You Join Men's League Domination '24 TODAY ($421 Value) Absolutely FREE!

Hockey Meal Plans + Nutrition Masterclass


➜ Done-for-you meal plans, meticulously crafted to optimize your on-ice performance, foster muscle growth, and incinerate fat with precision.

➜ Unlock the secrets of optimal nutrition for hockey prowess through exclusive access to the Hockey Nutrition Masterclass, empowering you to harness the power of every bite for enhanced athletic performance and elevated gameplay.

➜ Elevate your game to new heights with our hockey game day nutrition protocols, designed to keep your energy levels soaring throughout every match, ensuring peak performance from start to finish.

➜ Regularly $197 - but included FREE with Men's League Domination '24 when you join today!

Bulletproof Hockey Mindset


Discover the Keys to...

➜ Build unshakable confidence through immersive “follow along” visualization audio tracks, empowering you to step onto the ice with unwavering self-assurance.

➜ Conquer pre-game nerves and banish anxiety, ensuring peak performance without succumbing to mental roadblocks, enabling you to unleash your full potential.

➜ Harness the power of position-specific visualization techniques, inspired by strategies employed by NHL elites, to maintain motivation and readiness for gameplay, propelling you towards excellence on the ice.

➜ Plus, gain exclusive access to the comprehensive PDF version of the acclaimed 5-star rated Bullet-Proof Hockey Mindset book, equipping you with invaluable insights to fortify your mental resilience and elevate your game to unparalleled heights.

➜ Regularly $127 - but included FREE with Men's League Domination '24 when you join today!

Gameday Domination Package


Elevate your game day to new heights with three dynamic routines engineered to give you a decisive edge over competitors, igniting your performance long before you set foot on the ice:

➜ Equip yourself with the ultimate 7-minute stickhandling routine meticulously designed to infuse you with unwavering puck-handling prowess before hitting the rink, ensuring unparalleled confidence from the moment you step onto the ice.

➜ Uncover the secrets of little-known ankle drills, strategically tailored for game day, to bolster your edge control and stability, enabling you to dominate the ice with unprecedented strength and precision.

➜ Bid farewell to sluggish starts with our cutting-edge, science-backed hockey warm-up regimen, meticulously crafted to prime your body and mind for peak performance, ensuring you're mentally and physically primed for the monumental challenges ahead.

➜ Regularly $97 - but included FREE with Men's League Domination '24 when you join today!

Take The Step Towards Becoming a Better Hockey Player Today By Investing In Yourself!

Here's Exactly What You're Getting...

Instant access to Men's League Domination '24 featuring QuickTwitch
Lifetime access to online member's area
Gift #1: Hockey Meal Plans + Masterclass
Gift #2: Bulletproof Hockey Mindset
Gift #3: Gameday Domination Package
$997 Value

$297 Value
$197 Value
$127 Value
$97 Value

Total Value $1,715  Today's Price $347

One time payment | Prices in USD | Instant access

100% Satisfaction Triple Guarantee

To facilitate your decision-making process and ensure your absolute peace of mind when investing in the Men's League Domination '24 Training Program, we proudly extend our 60-day 100% money-back triple guarantee.

If you don't notice a significant improvement in your skating speed and explosiveness… If you don't see a major upgrade in your conditioning and energy levels… Or even if you just don't enjoy the training...

If, for any reason, you find yourself less than 100% satisfied with the Men's League Domination '24 Training Program, simply reach out to us via Live Chat, and we'll promptly refund your entire payment without any questions asked or hard feelings.

That’s how confident we are that you will absolutely love the system and unlock amazing results on the ice.

Ready to get started? Fill out the form above to gain access to the member's area and kick-start your path to hockey domination!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Equipment Do I Need Access To For The Training?

None! We've created a both a gym version and a complete bodyweight system that you can follow without needing gym equipment.

This allows you to upgrade your game no matter how much or how little equipment you have to work with!

You can even seamlessly interchange between the two systems.

You will get full access to both systems for life!

What Age Group Is This Program For?

This program was designed for hockey players 25+ years old.  

The QuickTwitch™ training is organized in an intelligent way so you can train as hard as you used to when you were younger without your joints getting beat up and still gain the explosive strength, stamina, speed, and power you need on the ice to dominate with fewer workouts - making it the perfect solution for older players with busy lifestyles and schedules.

Younger players should use our youth programs found here.

How Many Hours/Days Per Week Will I Need To Train?

Men’s League Domination ‘24 has been crafted to maximize your effort in the most time-efficient manner possible using our Adaptable Scheduling System™ - so that you can get the most out of your training and still have time to do other things that you enjoy as well!

For best results, we recommend 3 training sessions per week but we show you how to adjust if you can't make 3/week work.

And if you want to add in more training we've included additional training that can be added to your weekly schedule.

Each training session takes roughly 60 minutes to complete with a warm-up and cool down included.

We've included a video in the member's area that shows you exactly how to schedule your week out based on your ice time and other commitments, and we are always available on our Live Chat feature to answer scheduling questions that come up for you!

What's The Duration Of This Training Program?

This 6-phase system can be used for up to 12 months of training, although you will start to see results after just a few weeks of training!

It was designed to be used both during the in-season and off-season for men's league players and we show you exactly how to schedule your weekly workouts.

What If I'm On The Ice A Lot? Will It Be Too Much For Me Or Can I Still Follow This Program?

The QuickTwitch™ training system was engineered to adapt to a busy schedule!

During busy weeks, just 2 of our quick training sessions will help you stay fresh and explosive all season long!

We've included a video in the member's area that shows you exactly how to schedule your week out based on your ice time and other commitments, and we are always available on our Live Chat feature to answer scheduling questions that come up for you.

Will I Receive Anything In The Mail?

Nope. This program is 100% online in our member's area. Fortunately, we are able to offer completely digital programs using today’s internet technology, which has kept costs at a fraction of what they would be otherwise and will give you instant access to the program today.

Once you have signed up you will create a username and sign into the member's area. From there you can access and download all of the program's material.

How Is This Different From Men's League Domination '23?

Coach Tim has developed an innovative QuickTwitch™ training system for hockey players in early 2024. This training system features a completely redesigned workout regimen, including 70+ new hockey-specific exercises and an even bigger focus on explosive power and conditioning.

The upgrade to this year's system is recommended for any serious hockey player.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

With QuickTwitch we believe you'll see some improvements in speed, strength, power, agility, mobility and conditioning just 2 weeks into the system and the gains will compound from there transforming you into a beast on the ice within just a few months!

What If I'm Not Happy With The Program or Results?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We are very confident you will love the Men's League Domination '24 hockey training program and see big improvements on the ice, but if for any reason you aren't satisfied you can contact us within 60 days for a full refund.  

Simply contact us through our blue live chat bubble on our website or email and we will cancel your account and provide you with a refund.

Alright, I'm Ready! How Do I Get Signed Up?

Awesome, I'm excited to have you on the Hockey Training team and can't wait to see the success you will achieve!

All you need to do is scroll up to the order form and fill out your details.  Once that's complete you will receive an email receipt and a welcome email which will both have instructions for getting signed up for the member's area.  

I'll see ya on the inside!

How Can You Know This Will Work For You?

Throughout the years we've received numerous messages from other men's league hockey players, much like yourself, who are now playing the best hockey of their life after using our training program.

Check out some emails and DMs we've received...

Note: Our programs are provided in our online member's area. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to access the product guides onto your phone/computer (no waiting or shipping costs). The format for all manuals, workbooks, and checklists, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC, and nearly all mobile phones. Prices are listed in USD.

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