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HockeyTraining.com is the online authority in hockey-specific training. We help players improve their explosive speed, agility, conditioning, and skills on the ice through science-backed training methods.

We work with players of all ages and skill levels and would love to help you (or your kid) take your game to the next level.

If you’re ready to leave the coach’s jaw on the floor with improvement, click the red button below to get started with one of our training systems!

These Are The Results Your Player Can Expect

Explode Past Opponents

Improved leg power and explosiveness so they can blow by defenders at will and create more scoring chances. 

No More Heavy, Tired Legs

Create an endless gas tank to have more energy late in the game when everyone else is slowing down.

Blast Harder Shots

Increased functional strength so they are stronger on their skates and can blow pucks past goalies.

Better Edge Work

Upgraded balance, coordination, and ankle strength to create more speed with less effort.

Stay Injury Free

Unlocked new mobility, flexibility, and agility so they can move with ease, improve their skating technique, and avoid injuries.

Dominate The Ice

Enhanced stickhandling skills giving them the confidence to be the "untouchable" playmaker every coach needs.

I've dedicated my life to helping hockey players transform their performance.

Hi, I'm Coach Kevin.

I first strapped skates on when I was just two years old in my backyard rink in Ontario, Canada, and have been in love with the game ever since. 30 years later, and I still enjoy playing men's league hockey, but more importantly, sharing my love of the game with the younger generation of players through coaching.

Hockey Training is my full-time job.
I built my dream "Hockey Training HQ" to film my videos.
It's my life's mission to help hockey players improve their athleticism and skills through science-backed training methods.

Upgrade Your Stickhandling From Home

With just a stick and puck, players can download the Hockey Training TV app to their phone or tablet and be coached by me through stickhandling training sessions from their driveway, garage, basement, or even bedroom (if mom will allow that, haha).

Articles from the blog

Linear crossover skating, when mastered, is a tool that will make you one of the most dangerous players on the ice.

The hockey players who want to get faster and get in amazing on-ice condition need to train in a way that best replicates the exact demands of competition.

Use the FRESH FACTOR™ System to be your absolute best on the ice and shock all of your teammates with your newfound ability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Group Is The Training Designed For?

We've created programs for all ages of hockey players from the youngest kids just learning the game to old timers who still enjoy playing recreationally.

Find the program right for you at our Hockey Training Programs page.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

With many of our programs, players have reported improvements within just days.

Most youth athletes will see increases in speed, strength, power, agility, mobility and conditioning around 2-4 weeks into the training systems and the gains will compound from there transforming your kid into a beast on the ice!

Get started today by finding the right program for you at our Hockey Training Programs page.

What Equipment Do I Need Access To?

We've designed training programs for all situations. From bodyweight training that can be done from home, to full gym programs for the older players - we've got something for everyone.

Find the program right for you at our Hockey Training Programs page.

Alright, I'm Ready! How Do I Get Signed Up?

Awesome I'm excited to have you join the Hockey Training team and can't wait to hear about the success you will achieve!

Your first step is finding the program that best fits you over at our Hockey Training Programs page.