Training Programs To Level-Up Your Hockey Performance

Off-Season Training System

For 2024, we've partnered with Tim Lebbossiere, Assistant Strength Coach for the Boston Bruins, to develop the entire program.

Drawing from cutting-edge sports performance research and his extensive experience gained working with hockey players of all ages and skill levels, Coach Tim has put together the best and most complete off-season hockey training program in the world utilizing his newly released QuickTwitch™ hockey training system.

Envision your kid blazing down the ice with unmatched speed or executing lightning-quick maneuvers that leave opponents in awe – that's the transformative potential of our fast twitch muscle training system found within our Off-Season Domination '24 program.

Men's League Training System

As men’s leaguers, we aren’t going to meet our childhood dreams of making the NHL, but we can still feel good about how we play and have the thrill of being the player everybody wants on their team and teammates want to play with.

Just imagine the look on your teammates’ faces when you fly across the ice, leaving the other team in the dust, and rip a shot top corner that bottle rockets the goalie’s water!

It’s all possible with our newest Men’s League Hockey Training Program. Simply follow the training sessions (at home or at a gym) and watch your hockey performance rise to levels you’ve never imagined!

With Men's League Domination '24, we are introducing our groundbreaking QuickTwitch™ hockey training system, engineered with a multi-faceted approach firmly grounded in scientific principles. This innovative methodology employs a unique technique that meticulously targets the recruitment and development of fast-twitch muscle fibers, integrating diverse modalities into our weekly regimen.

In-Season Training System

Imagine watching your kid be the best player on the ice game in and out. How great would it feel to see your kid smiling, beaming with confidence, and telling you all about how much fun they have playing hockey? 

It's all possible with our newest In-Season Domination '23 Training Program. 

Using the revolutionary PeakPower™ workouts, hockey players will train their explosive speed, functional strength, and power in each session. This 1-2-3 punch combo will make any hockey player a faster and more explosive force on the ice regardless of their genetics, age, gender, or current hockey skills. 

Have your kid follow the training sessions and watch as their hockey performance rises to levels they'd never imagined!

2-Week Stickhandling Challenge

With just a stick and puck, players can download the app to their phone or tablet and be coached by me through stickhandling training sessions from their driveway, garage, basement, or even bedroom (if mom will allow that, haha).

I keep the training sessions fun, creative and effective, so if your kid loves hockey, there's no doubt in my mind they will be able to complete the challenge and drastically upgrade their puck skills.

All they need to do is commit to following the training sessions for 10 minutes per day over the next two weeks!

30-Day Breakaway Speed System

This intense 30-day progressive training approach includes weekly speed, conditioning, agility, and edge workouts to become an explosive and elite skater.

You will get access to the comprehensive 30-day schedule that shows you exactly what your hockey player should do each day, and they will perform each of their workouts with your new hockey training tools included in the Breakaway Speed Kit™.

Players of any age will be able to train like NHL players in a safe, effective, and fun way with equipment designed for hockey performance and a detailed program created by a professional hockey performance specialist.

Can't decide which training program to go with? Click on the blue live chat bubble in the bottom right of your device and provide us with some background information on you or your player. We'd be happy to give you a recommendation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Group Is The Training Designed For?

We've created programs for all ages of hockey players from the youngest kids just learning the game to old timers who still enjoy playing recreationally.

Click on the program that interests you and we will ask you what age group your player falls into so we can recommend the right option.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

With many of our programs, players have reported improvements within just days.

Most youth athletes will see increases in speed, strength, power, agility, mobility and conditioning around 2-4 weeks into the training systems and the gains will compound from there transforming your kid into a beast on the ice!

What Equipment Do I Need Access To?

We've designed training programs for all situations. From bodyweight training that can be done from home, to full gym programs for the older players - we've got something for everyone.

Alright, I'm Ready! How Do I Get Signed Up?

Awesome I'm excited to have you join the Hockey Training team and can't wait to hear about the success you will achieve!

Your first step is finding the program that best fits you above and clicking on the "Learn More" button to sign up.