Best Hockey Training Equipment To Enhance Your Skills

Breakaway Speed Kit

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Whether you are a hockey player who wants to upgrade your speed...

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This revolutionary Hockey Speed Kit designed to help hockey players of all ages improve their explosive speed is what you need!

The kit includes six training tools that all hockey players who want to reach their true speed potential on the ice need, plus our accompanying 30-Day Breakaway Speed System.

Hockey Training Cards

These brand new Hockey Training Cards were designed to help hockey players increase their performance on the ice in a fun way. 

Players can simply pick a card from the deck and perform the exercise to improve their explosiveness, skating, agility, strength and more. 

We provide workouts and fun games that players can do using the cards, making them the perfect gift for your hockey-loving kid. 

They also make for a simple way for hockey coaches to organize their dryland training sessions!

Whatever the use, they will make a great addition to your hockey training toolkit.

Bullet-Proof Hockey Mindset Book

Training the mind is just as (if not more) important than training the body for hockey players.

You cannot perform on the ice with a frantic mind. You must become calm–assertive and give your mind the peace it needs to read the ice, be patient with the puck, overcome obstacles without burnout, think clearly in fast-paced games, and execute your skills based on logical performance rather than emotional reaction.

This book is the most important piece of literature I have ever created. Those who follow its instructions and have the commitment to becoming bullet-proof will become more confident on and off the ice than they ever thought possible.

hockey shooting pad

Hockey Stickhandling + Shooting Pad

A shooting/stickhandling pad is probably the most important piece of equipment a hockey player could have for their off-ice skills training.

If you aren’t practicing your stickhandling and shooting away from the rink then you will get nowhere near your true potential in those skills.

There’s a reason you hear stories from almost every NHL player about how they used to shoot hundreds of pucks per day or spent hours stickhandling at home – it helps you master those skills!

Hockey Passing Aid + Rebounder

When training at home most hockey players won’t have someone to pass them pucks, which is why a passing aid is a great hockey training aid to have in your tool kit.

These passing aids or rebounders can work both off or on the ice, making them perfect for your driveway or out on the pond.

When you are shooting pucks a passing aid is perfect for dishing you one-timers, and when you are working on your stickhandling this is a great tool for working on making passes and receiving passes.

Although I don’t think a passing aid is 100% necessary for hockey players, I do think having one and being able to practice one-timers and passing at any time will give you a big advantage over other hockey players.

Hockey Slide Boards

Slide Boards allow hockey players to increase the specificity of their training to the next level. When used properly, they can be a significant addition to your off-ice performance programming success.

I talk all about the perfect application for this tool in our hockey slide board article.

The slide board is incredibly unique in its application. It allows hockey players to perform their speed and conditioning training but do it in a way that forces the athlete to maintain the bent posture position that is highly sport-specific to the skating mechanics you would use out on the ice.

Not only does it allow you to perform this action, but it’s the only tool that will enable you to perform this action, making it an incredibly unique and useful tool in the scheme of overall program design.

Essentially, you are getting speed training and conditioning training at the same time while also forcing the body to recruit the appropriate muscle sequences and force patterns that you would use on the ice.

This is something that’s not possible on any of your standard “cardio equipment” at the gym.

Beyond this, it allows hockey players to work all of the extensor muscles of the lower body that are responsible for a strong stride, as well as the hip abductors and adductors that are essential muscles for preventing injury.

Jump Rope

Jump Rope

I really like the jump rope for hockey athletes for five main reasons:

#1 - It’s easily transportable anywhere you go

#2 - You can do serious conditioning sessions with it

#3 - It builds your hand-eye coordination and helps you prime your brain for performance pre-workout

#4 - You don’t need a lot of space to get a workout in

#5 - You can complete your workouts indoors 

I have used the jump rope in the programming here at Hockey Training for warm-ups, cool-downs, and even complete conditioning sessions. 

Beyond the workout value of the product, it is also very effective at flushing out the fluid from your legs after a long drive to an away game.

I have athletes jump rope for 2-3 minutes when they get out of the car so they don’t have that “heavy” feeling in their legs when they go on the ice. 

You can purchase it here.

Stability Balls

Stability ball training allows you to stimulate the core, hips, hamstrings, and stabilizing muscles much more effectively than many other training modalities. 

In fact, our Hockey Core Product has an entire protocol just dedicated to core training using a stability ball. 

Many tools ended up not standing the test of time after the “functional training” movement hit, stability balls were not one of the tools that disappeared. 

Instead, research continued to come out regarding their effectiveness within a complete hockey strength and conditioning program. 

Get high-quality stability balls here.

Hockey Training Sled

If you want to become a faster skater and better-conditioned hockey player you will want a sled or prowler in your garage (or gym). Sleds and prowlers offer plenty of versatility for hockey-specific movements that you can use to improve your game. At, you’re going to find suggestions for these within almost all of our programs for a reason, they deliver results.

More specifically, we utilize explosive sled movements within our programming to build both forward and rotational power within our athletes which has direct transfer to your starting speed and acceleration on the ice.

Beyond this, they are very effective “Contrast Training” tools where the idea is to transfer from a loaded movement to an unloaded movement (for example, a weighted sled sprint to a normal sprint). Loaded speed and conditioning training within the confines of the Contrast Training method has dramatic transfer over to your on-ice performance and should be the primary focus towards the end of your offseason to peak for camps.

Our favorite company for hockey training sleds is Rogue Fitness.  You can pick up the sled we recommend here.

Medicine/Wall Balls

You will find medicine balls in a lot of our hockey training programs and workouts, as they are a great training aid to use to develop power and explosiveness.  These exercises will translate to you becoming a more explosive skater on the ice.

Medicine ball variations are arguably the #1 exercise a hockey athlete can utilize to improve their total body power output. Not only does the research support these claims, but, out personal experience does as well.

Exercises such as the overhead scoop toss, rotational scoop toss from waist, medicine ball shot put, as well as incorporating them into combined movements such as the explosive medicine ball chest throw into broad jump, or, medicine ball chest throw into 20 yard sprint are all phenomenal variations we have seen direct carryover to improving your performance on the ice.

Other exercises can improve power output, such as Olympic lifting and sub-maximal barbell lifts, but as time passes we have utilized medicine balls much more in our programming because they provide so many benefits that barbells don’t while at the same time being super easy to learn technically.

The best medicine balls we have found online to recommend to our hockey training audience is the Dynamax Medicine Ball that you can purchase here.

hockey grip tool

Forearm Grip Tool

The Twist Yo’ Wrist product found here is an excellent hockey training aid because it contributes to on-ice performance factors such as your shot power, shot release, ability to fight others off the puck, and shot accuracy.

The players who have the best shots also have a crushing grip, this isn’t by accident. I highly recommend you pick up one of these today and start making gains towards one of the most under-appreciated aspects in muscular development, your hands.

Get the Twist Yo’ Wrist here.

Adjustable Bench

Adjustable Training Bench

If you’re building a home gym as a hockey player you are going to want to have an adjustable bench.  Plenty of exercises will be performed on a bench, and you will want to have a bench that is adjustable for an incline as well.

Not all training benches are created equal. This Rogue bench provides great support, grip and is built to last a long time.  The first time you lay down on this bench you will feel the quality.

For hockey specifically, we use benches like this to provide the support and stability you need across the different hypertrophy, strength, and power phases you will need to execute throughout both the in-season and off-season. A list of hockey-specific exercises that are performed on the bench would be multiple dozens in length, so just take our word for it and don’t cheap out here.

You can purchase it here.

Pull-Up Bars

We’ve talked about how Pull-Ups are one of the best exercises out there for improving your hockey shot power and accuracy (and all-around upper body strength), so we had to include some pull-up bar kits on this hockey training aids page in case you’re building your own home hockey gym.

Here’s the thing, a lot of hockey players have been tricked into believing that their exercise needs to exactly mimic the hockey shot in order for it to be an effective exercise to improve their shot power (such as band resisted shots).

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

True sport-specific training to me means observing the biomechanical, physiological, and bioenergetic demands of the sport and segmentally working backward in determining kinetic segments, muscle actions, intensities, and energy systems required for each athlete’s position and/or movement pattern.

In the case of improving the shot; the shot is a low load, high-velocity rotational power movement, and should be trained as such. Additionally, it is heavily supported by relative strength, specifically in the lats, lower body, and core. This means, that if you want to improve your shot power, you need to pick up some medicine balls and a pull-ups bar today!

Click here to check them out.