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Our mission is to help as many hockey players as possible take their game to the “next level” by providing them with our hockey training expertise.

Training specifically for hockey is now required for anyone hoping to play at any high level of hockey. We will help you take your game to the next level by telling you exactly how to workout safely and smartly to improve your fitness levels and, most important, your on-ice performance.

We hope you bookmark our site and enjoy our regularly updated hockey training content!

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Meet Coach Kevin

I fell in love with the sport of hockey when I tried on my first pair of skates at 3 years old on my backyard rink.

I grew up playing minor hockey in Ontario, Canada, and eventually played Junior hockey as a teenager.

I have since “retired” from the competitive hockey leagues and enjoy trying to light up the men’s leagues a few times a week.

My passion for sport-specific training started early in high school, as I worked hard to make myself a better athlete and hockey player.

I still work hard in the gym personally, but I enjoy helping other hockey players improve their on-ice performance through off-ice training.  This led me to start up HockeyTraining.com, with my goal being to help as many hockey players as possible become better players.

I’d love to help you reach your true potential with one of our hockey training programs.