Hockey Training Programs

If you are serious about becoming a better hockey player we have a training program to help you take your game to the next level.

In-Season Training System

If you want to feel explosive and fresh every time you step on the ice this hockey season then you’ll want to see our newest hockey training system.

Here’s the scoop:

Coach Dan and I have spent countless hours at the Hockey Training HQ creating our new training system called:


It was engineered to keep hockey players of any age and ability feeling explosive and fresh for all three periods, all season long. It’s like a cheat code to dominate every time you step on the ice.

However, before checking it out, realize that this system isn’t cheap.

And, it’s also going to require some commitment (So if you’re a hockey player who isn’t willing to do what it takes to be the best player on the ice, this program is not intended for you.)

To help you decide if it’s a good “fit,” here’s a look at what’s inside:

>> A special kind of strength training that uses plyometrics to keep your hockey-specific strength and explosiveness at peak levels all in-season long.

>> A counter intuitive way for improving your conditioning and stamina by using skills drills within your hockey training sessions.

>> A clever “tool” that NHL teams implement to help their players recover faster… and how to use this same method to ensure you’re playing with 100% energy (even when your schedule gets busy.)

>> The 7-minute trick that will improve your stickhandling… while also getting warmed up for your game at the same time!

>> An ingenious 2-step method that will give you an immediate “pep-in-your-step” each time you step on the ice so you can play at your best game in and game out. (No more slow starts or “off” games.)

And a whole lot more, including:

The secret to reducing total body injury risk and eliminate joint pain… How to mobilize the ankles (for better edge work)… The exact foods to eat after your games to recover better… and, even…

How to stimulate an upload of nutrients and flush our fatigue by-products to provide you with an increased level of power and stamina the next time you hit the ice!

This is a step up from the old-school “ride the bike” method nearly all pro teams had been using until recently.

Anyway, I could go on and on.

But, here is the bottom line:

This year’s In-Season Domination ’21 System is packed full of in-season-specific training sessions and routines, showing you exactly what to do and when depending on your on-ice schedule each week.

And it’s the most revolutionary In-Season Hockey Training System that’s available to the public anywhere in the world.

Tap on the blue button below to grab your copy of the new In-Season ’21 System while it’s still available…

Off-Season Training System

Coach Dan spent his months in lockdown digging deep into the exercise science and neurological research based around skill acquisition and came up with an important discovery.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, skill acquisition in the hockey world refers to voluntary control over movements of joints and body segments in an effort to learn a hockey-specific skill.

There are three primary stages of mastering a new motor skill:

Stage 1: The Cognitive Stage
Stage 2: The Associative Stage
Stage 3: The Autonomous Stage

You can think of the Cognitive Stage as a youth hockey player learning a new skating technique, the Associative Stage as the player getting more familiar with the move, and the Autonomous Stage when a player like Connor McDavid can pull it off without even thinking about it late in the 3rd period to score the game-winning goal.

This is where the brand-new Elusive Edgework Formula (E2-Formula™) comes into play.

Coach Dan has created a new Edgework system that integrates First Step Quickness, Agility, Speed, and Technique into a single training session. Also known as the F.A.S.T. Hockey Training Principle.

And here’s where it gets creative.

Our hockey athletes will be running through the E2-Formula™ at different times during our workouts throughout the off-season.

We will start by having you perform the Elusive Edgework sessions at the start of your workout when you are fresh. But by the end of the off-season, you will be executing them when you are exhausted. Why? Because learning how to execute your edgework and skills perfectly even while exhausted is what high-level hockey is all about. You need to be great at hockey whether you’re tired or not: this is the difference-maker in the most important games of the year.

This year, we’ve changed the game by fusing cutting-edge sports science, neurological research, and years of experience with hockey athletes to create a new way to train.

Tap on the blue button below to learn more about the new Off-Season ’21 System…

Men’s League Training System

As men’s leaguers, we aren’t going to meet our childhood dreams of making the NHL, but we can still feel good about how we play and have the thrill of being the player everybody wants on their team and teammates want to play with.

Just imagine the look on your teammates’ faces when you fly across the ice, leaving the other team in the dust and rip a shot top corner that bottle rockets the goalie’s water!

It’s all possible with our newest Men’s League Hockey Training System. Simply follow the training sessions (at home or at a gym) and watch as your hockey performance rises to levels you’ve never imagined!

Our new SmartPower™ workouts are a way for hockey players to train their explosive speed, functional strength, power, and conditioning in one workout – while training in an intelligent way that won’t beat up your joints and will allow you to accomplish it all in less time.

Essentially we’ve packed the results of a seven-day-per-week program that you might see an NHL player using in the off-season, into a much simpler 3x-per-week program to make it work better for our lifestyle and schedule.

You may not see any changes after one or two workouts, but follow the system exactly as laid out. Within weeks you will be skating faster, have more energy, and dominating the ice like never before.

Certified Hockey Training Specialist Course

Make your dreams of becoming a sought-after hockey trainer come true… With the first-ever hockey-specific training and coaching certification designed EXCLUSIVELY for training hockey players at any level — from beginner to advanced.

By the time you complete this detailed and user-friendly course, you’ll be considered a Certified Hockey Training Specialist with the ability to transform any hockey athlete’s game using an exciting, scientific, and practical approach to training…

All you have to do is “plug n’ play” the information from this 16-week course and instantly become a respected, authoritative and celebrated coach athletes will drive miles just to train with because of the big on-ice improvements you will help them achieve!