At Home Hockey Workouts

In this article, I will talk about how you can effectively train at home without any equipment to become a better hockey player and show you some examples of my favorite at home hockey workouts.

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Let’s get into it…

Training with no equipment as a hockey player puts you in a unique position. You can either:

1 – Get an excellent workout in while still making it fit the demands of hockey-specific training for performance


2 – Totally screw it up and just exercise

Some of you might be thinking, “well, what’s the problem with exercise? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing?”

Kind of, but not really.

There is a big difference between exercising and training.

Exercising is simply being physically active. You’re going to the gym or doing your bodyweight workout and burning calories.

Training, on the other hand, is utilizing the training principles that are deeply woven into the science of program design and coordinating both a program and a progressively difficult training schedule to attain a hockey-specific goal.

To put it short, exercise is random, training is specific.

Exercise is all good and well for the general population looking to burn some body fat, build some muscle, or improve their health. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever for them.


You’re a hockey player, and just because you’re exercising it doesn’t mean it’s going to translate to your on-ice performance.

You need to utilize certain movements, systems, and periodization schedules that coincide with the specific demands of hockey performance.

Always remember, we are in the gym to become better hockey players. We are not in the gym just to become better gym-people. Leave that for the Instagram models.

Is Bodyweight Hockey Training Effective?

Bodyweight hockey-specific training can be a great tool in your arsenal for the days you can’t make it to the gym, are super pressed for time, or for the days you’re traveling.

Additionally, they can be an excellent tool for the younger hockey players out there who may not have access to the same type of equipment an adult would have access to.

Although bodyweight training isn’t as effective for hockey performance as training with a bunch of equipment is, it is by no means ineffective.

Bodyweight training has been around a long time and has gotten some pretty incredible results for martial artists, gymnasts, convicts, athletes in developing countries—and don’t forget some of the crazy transformations you see from the at-home DVD fitness collection series.

These programs can very effectively (when designed using real training principles, and not just throwing some circuit together) increase your fat loss results, strength, power output, muscle mass, and performance—not to mention they are actually the preferred methods for increasing your speed and conditioning out on the ice.

I am confident in saying that bodyweight training is only limited to your mind’s creativity.

I think most people’s roadblocks come with bodyweight work because they don’t know how to make things progressively more difficult, and they don’t know which exercises are going to give them the best bang for their buck.

This is fine, you don’t need to know this stuff. You just need to steal it from coaches like me!

Example At Home Hockey Workouts

Here are some examples of what a well-designed at-home hockey workouts should look like for hockey players:

At Home Hockey Speed Workout

Warm-Up Circuit:

A1 – Jumping Jacks x 30
A2 – Knee Hug To Reverse Lunge x 10/leg
A3 – Iron Cross x 8/side
A4 – Rollover Into V-Sit x 8

The Workout:

A – Triple Split Squat Jump Into Isometric Hold – 8 x 2 reps [30 secs rest]

B – Vertical Jumps – 8 x 3 jumps [30 secs rest]

C – Lateral Hops – 8 x 3/side [30 secs rest]

D – Plank With Elbow To Knee Touches 3 x 30 secs [60 secs rest]

At Home Hockey Conditioning Workout

Warm-Up Circuit:

A1: Prisoner squat x 10
A2: Mountain climbers x 6/side
A3: Cossacks squat x 6/side
A4: Push-ups x 10

*Go through this warm-up circuit twice resting 30-45 seconds between rounds.

The Workout:

A1: Plyo Push-ups 4 x 5 with 10 secs rest
A2: Vertical jumps 4 x 5 with 45 secs rest

B1: Bulgarian split squat jumps 4 x 3/leg with 10 secs rest
B2: Close grip push-ups for speed 4 x 8 with 45 secs rest

C1: Alternating split squat jumps 4 x 3/leg with 10 secs rest
C2: Plank 4 x 60secs with 45 secs rest

D: As many military burpees as possible in 60 secs

*A, B, C represent supersets. Example – Perform A1, rest 10 seconds, perform A2, rest 45 seconds and repeat for 4 rounds or sets.

At Home Hockey Workout For Kids

A – Front Foot Elevated Split Squats – 3 x 8-15
B – Bird Dogs – 3 x 15-20
C – Push Ups – 3 x 8-15
D – Sprinter Step Ups – 3 x 8-15
E – Bicycle Crunches 3 x 15-20

**1-minute rest between each set and exercise.

Quick 15-Minute At Home Hockey Workout

Circuit – Run through each exercise with no rest between exercises.

At the end rest 90 seconds and repeat for 3 total rounds.

Split Squats – 12 reps/leg
Diamond Pushups – 10-15 reps
Squat with 2 Sec Pause at Bottom – 15 reps
Burpee w/ Pushup – 12 reps
V-Ups – 15 reps
Wide Pushups – 10-15 reps
Plank – 30 seconds

Once finished rest 90 seconds and repeat for 3 rounds

*If you can’t perform the pushups on your toes do them from your knees

At Home Follow Along Hockey Workout

Here’s the hockey workout we will be running through in the above follow along workout:

A1: Deep squat x 15
A2: Stop and go push up x 15
A3: T-stand x 6/leg
A4: Scap push up x 15
A5: Dive bombers x 15
A6: Reverse crunch with hip lift x 10

Rest 90 secs in between each circuit and repeat 3 times before moving onto the finisher.

B1: Single leg burpees with the left foot x 20 secs
B2: Skater bounds x 20 secs
B3: Single leg burpees with the right foot x 20 secs

Perform this 60 sec “finisher” once through with zero rest at all

9-Minute At Home Hockey Workout (Follow Along Style)

Here’s the full 9-minute hockey jump rope conditioning workout we will be running through:

Jump Rope
Prisoner Squats
Single-Leg Jump Rope
Yoga Push-Ups
Superman Reps
Freestyle Skipping
Jump Rope
Prisoner Squats
Single-Leg Jump Rope
Yoga Push-Ups
Superman Reps
Freestyle Skipping
Skater Bound Finisher

*All exercises are done for 30 seconds.

**If you don’t have a jump rope you can make the same motion without the jump rope (it might look funny, but has close to the same effect)

Hockey Training Warm-Up

This was designed to be done at the rink before hockey games, but because it was designed for small spaces it is perfect for at home workouts too!

  1. Jumping jacks x 30
  2. T-Stab push ups x 6/side
  3. Arm circles x 12/direction
  4. Straight arm rotations x 8/side
  5. Single-leg hip circle x 12/direction/leg
  6. Zombie squat with reach through x 8
  7. Shoulder T x 15
  8. Zombie lateral lunge x 5/side

At Home Workout Recap

If you do these workouts right, you’re going to have immediate respect for what type of impact bodyweight training can have on your hockey performance and how much having these types of tools in your toolkit can save your butt for the days you can’t make it to the gym.

Ready for a full bodyweight hockey training program that can be done from home?

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